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I share the same sentiments with you dear, Enough!
(see Frowning Flower Girl  rules Internet)
So how's your day that finally this is over? Probably not yet since there are postmortem buzz still about this Windsor Knot. I must say I'm a bit neutral... wait... that's at first then it turned into annoyance for I felt this had been overly sensationalized months before the actual event. 

Well, I admit I'm never a fan. But I'm a curious cat and I especially wanting to see the cakes more than the dress. Oh well, sorry I'm more of a foodie in this case since I know that the dress will probably be boring. I'm basing from Princess D's and for the fact that they can't wear gowns that will show their arms in Westminster Abbey and I'm not a big fan of wedding dresses.  

Are those what it looks like seems popping out?
It turns out that it was fine. Classy, simple, elegant but there's one thing that bothers me about the dress. Take a look at this pic --->>> 

Maybe I'm being a little conservative but hey aren't they? No sleeveless gown and no kissing inside the church but these --->>>

Uhm, maybe it's padding but still they should have double check it so it's not that vivid even if it's not what it seems to be, right? Enough of that I think I'm being senseless here. 

Why did I actually waste my time with this? Because it's the hype, probably but I've other reasons too. I've tons of questions and I want answers so here I am. And I think all the socialites in the world are social climbing to actually be invited into this event. Uhm, not really worth it, I don't know but I'm neither socialite nor wanting the invites. Watching them going crazy over the live feed in the net is more of my thing for I can comment and make fun (?) of silly stuff (?) Ha ha.

It's not a secret that this is the most famed existing monarchy and like any other I'm much curious of some stuff they do, yes just SOME traditions and all that.

Here's my list of differences from our tradition here:

1. Exchange Vows - we usually do it at the end of the ceremony but them it took place at the start. Maybe to make sure no one changes their minds until the end perhaps? He he

2. There's no "Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace" line coming from the priest. For sure if this was asked a lot will raise their hands, crazy little girls dreaming for prince charming peeps, eh?

3. No wedding godparents or Primary Sponsors and also no Secondary Sponsors. (see Philippine Wedding Entourage for the complete list)

4. The groom and bride are not seated in the middle of the altar. They look like just another guests sitting along with the nuns in a little corner. I'm curious what's the purpose of the 2 nuns sharing the same space with them?

5. The rings aren't from the ring bearer. There's no ring bearer I guess. There's just flower girls and little boys in little uniforms. Perhaps the rings are too expensive to let a little boy carry those, eh?

Did Lady Gaga design Princess Beatrice’s hat
6. Everybody's like wearing hats. We're not even allowed here to do that inside the church. This is the weirdest of all >>>

Would you believe there are 14 Facebook pages that pop up dedicated to  this royal wedding hat of Princess Beatrice... tsk.tsk. (see Cthulhu hat a bold choice for royal wedding)

7. There are no images of saints or Jesus in their church. They are Anglicans and they obviously don't do the sign of cross either. Don't ask me about the religion please.

8. This wedding is actually pretty simple if you're not going to count the hefty price tags of everyone's clothing.  But compare to our tradition here that spends thousands for decorating the church, Westminster Abbey is elegant but simple enough. There are no adornments like tons of ribbons and bouquets of flowers on the aisle just the red carpet.

9. No arms baring.

10. Yes, we all know NO "you may kiss the bride."  They said it's just a Hollywood thing and not British royalty's.

After the boring wedding. Yes I found it boring so do Josh Groban well, maybe or else he wouldn't felt sleepy , right? 

The real reason why I was watching is to get a glimpse of the food, yeah especially the cakes and all I got are text... aargh! (see The Lunchtime Reception)

Good thing I fell asleep writing this entry and now when I woke up pictures are all over the net of the wedding cakes... yey, that's all I'm after for all this hype. (will be posting the pics and recipes on my food entries maybe next week)

Some people are actually smirking on the Duke of Cambridge for choosing a not so fancy groom's cake for his wedding. (see Chocolate McVities Biscuit Cake)

I've learned a few more things about a tradition. I don't know if it exist too in some other countries this is the first time I've heard of this. 
Many brides include something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue in their wedding getups. (see Kate's very fancy something old, new, borrowed and blue)

If it were here in my country probably there will be people striking against the wedding after all they are spending people's tax money in this expensive wedding while England's is not past yet recession aftermath. Millions had been spent for the security alone and it must be really hard now seeing the royals choosing a cheap champagne to serve over an important personal event. Even royal blooded princesses need to be on a budget. Nice to know we're not alone on that side.  

And for this embedded live streaming video of the Royal Wedding at the bottom of my entry... hmmm, I'd like to see it here just for a little keepsake... ha ha and best wishes to the newly wed. Hope it last, make the expenses be worth it. Royalty or not it is the love that binds the marriage that is most important. 

Watch live streaming video from royalwedding at livestream.com

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