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April is National Poetry Month and Time is featuring Poets: The Second Chance - TIME.

I'm a bit busy doing some stuff so updating my blog seems a little difficult now but since it's Poetry month I decided to posts more poems and shut up for awhile on my ramblings though I've managed to dig in my treasure box or rather chaotic garbage room and I've found a lot of things that inspire me to blog and blog but getting random and gazillions of ideas is making it more impossible for me to write something sensible or even decent. IDEA-lin like adrenalin rush is bad for my mental health... haha. It gives me brilliant things but all turned into waste in the end because I can't just seem to pull it off and make them whole. So I'll be leaving this blog with one of my first poems describing myself as of that moment, this is a revise version. Long live the poets and sentimental fools... well, i just have to include the latter since I can classify more myself to that rather than being a poet :)

I am...

I am a soul living in a mortal body
having a brain that is unsuperior to all
a face that is near ordinary
dark brown chocolate eyes that always give the window to my soul
the sometimes tactless lips but often guard my wholeness.

I am a mind that isn't always thinking
and a heart that is feeling numb.
Many a time I forget I've companions
I tend to live on my own
yet I still can't...

I am one independent soul,
still I am not yet.
I am one trying hard sentimental creep
while being a total insensitive.
I'm a hell of a weirdo
that I can't understand what I am
but I am trying to be.

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