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This is a scrap from my comment in one of the blogs in FilipinoLovers... too lengthy so I decided to just delete it there and give it a full space here and expand further. However, I'm kinda lazy to have a proper intro for the subject (given that I haven't slept yet almost 24 hours now) so just click on FilipinoLovers to get to the original post.

Which would you prefer Appearance or Intelligence?
Yes it says BEAUTYS, not a typo... SURE,
 it implies something... BUT you can always use spell-checker for this right? 

I may sound superficial at first but I think I'll choose beauty. Curious huh? So care to know why? Then read on...

I believe that there's no such thing as a total dumb some are just lazy to learn. If we are only referring to people's high IQ then I settle for being an average joe in brains but more than average in beauty. Even someone you consider intelligent will have an area that she's not knowledgeable so everyone is illiterate at some point. (In this case you're now ugly and dumb at the same time for this certain area, that's double jeopardy.) 

I'm giving the thought that if I'm pretty but low in IQ well, knowledge can be acquired just give it more time studying and you'll learn things that are essential to life like daily living, coping and surviving. We don't need a lot of brains to get through life all we need is love, perseverance and a little common sense you don't need to be a genius to figure that out

It's not such a drag just being beautiful, you get all the fun and easy, breezy life. In a humorous way... you wouldn't have a lot of problems thinking that you are dumb since you don't have brains right? All you will care about are the things that matter to you and not history, philosophy, science or math or whatever it is that brainy people like to think about. 

On the other hand the ugly but brainy since she has the capability to think will keep on thinking on how the hell she can be better in other things because unfortunately she'll never be good-looking unless she'll go on a surgery but that would be expensive, dangerous and doesn't really give 100% guarantee that she'll be pretty after the operation and so on and so forth. 

It's just so clear Beauty equates to a beautiful life and Ugliness will forever hunts you even in sleep. (Well, I'm exaggerating) 

If someone marries you because you're beautiful then so what, right? Men aren't that dumb to just marry someone for that one particular reason, personality counts a lot (men may prefer dumb beautiful but fun than intelligent, no-nonsense in short boring ugly women) and if you're still in doubt of his motives about marrying you wait until you're 30 years married and if you're still together that's true love it's not just because you're pretty. (But would it really take this long for even the dumbest to figure this out? I don't think so...)  

In essence in this lifetime you are fortunate if you have at least a bit of both worlds and I'm choosing beauty over brains because knowledge can be learned but you can't buy beauty in the grocery stores. 

If you will ask me, having a personality is more important than having brains besides I need good genes to pass on to my kids and just a little common sense to educate them early on in life or I'll just marry someone who's intelligent enough to make sure that my kids will have the best of both worlds. :)

What I mean is: there's something we can do for dumbness but all bets are down if you'll ever be able to become pretty if you are ugly, there's no remedy on that but to excel in other fields because you don't have other choices than to become better somewhere else :)

The reason behind why I prefer this is never for the mere purpose of being attractive to men. I choose beauty for my own self because that’s what will make me happy and not because of some reasons people think like  “The AVERAGE woman would rather have BEAUTY than brains because the AVERAGE man can see better than he CAN think...”  

I think it’s pretty silly to actually live your life and pattern your choices and behavior on what might others think whether it’s good or bad. I am actually the type of person who shies away upon the realization that everyone is so hook-up on that thing, I might check-it-out out of curiosity but I seldom ended up liking the hype about it. Thus I live by my own rules, I follow what I like and stick to what is right or sometimes to what is good and practical. So if I can have it both why not… right? And I think that’s the most possible way to be in the middle of this so choosing Beauty over Brains is just a practical thing to get to the nearest of the best of both worlds. I’m an idealistic perfectionist after all so don’t be surprised about my philosophies in life. And somehow I have those difficult times that I wish I’m not so much of a brainy (not really intelligent though) always thinking and spending her time philosophizing and I wonder about the other end what would my life be if I’m like those other girls who waste their time contemplating about shoes, shopping, etc. Oh wait I am also like that sometimes… yeah, I forgot I have dumb moments too STUPID… (not you, ME… I’m talking to myself… hehe)

And if we come to think of it... it is actually the simple things in life and the beauty of itself that makes us smile. When you go on top of a mountain you are awed by its beauty and we don't really need to understand all the things about it or the logic behind it we simply just appreciate the beauty of it and it brings us joy. That alone means a lot... No further questions ask.

Maybe I want to bring that kind of joy to people without saying a word or two after all most are strangers so you wouldn't need to talk to them. They'll be happy with you showing up and brightening their day, they wouldn't know that you are dumb anyways by just looking at your pretty face. It's not likely you'll have to talk about Philosophy with a stranger, right? ... haha

Oops... time to end this post, I'm getting silly now, haven't yet for this whole post? Really, really silly :)

On a serious note just for the record I actually have basis on choosing the former for I had lived with all sides of the coin and all the odds that comes with it. I think both are a gift and a curse anyways but just for the sake of this poll... I'll go for beauty and I have tons of reasons and situations to prove that one is better than another... seeing my reflection in the early morning on a good day is enough reason for me to smile all throughout the day. No effort, no hassle... that's the kind of days I always wanted but often fails me now and it's worse with a critical mind like me... if you know what I mean? :)

Plus it is more positive to be a girl trying to excel in other areas of life so to prove she's not just a pretty face rather than striving to be better on things so not to be discriminated for being just an ugly gal.

Beauty is certain either you have it or you don't. People may say it won't last but I think it does. Youthfulness is the one that doesn't last for I see grannies looking pretty even with their wrinkled skins (but still feeling young depends in a person). On the other hand even if you are regarded as intelligent it will always be a work in progress for learning is a never ending cycle and you can't guarantee that you are well-versed and fully knowledgeable in all aspects and subjects. Intelligence and possessing it is something you need to work on for you to hold on to it. Everyone needs to learn things and the only advantage for brainy people is that they understand concept of things faster than someone who we call dumb. Thus, I therefore conclude that dumbness is just apathy and being apathetic is plainly an attitude that isn't impossible to be remedied. 

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