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I've been away for much too long from blogging for almost 5 months now and alas... I'm like a newbie again I can't find my way. Haha I feel so dumb not knowing how to open my blog but it's a good thing that I've saved everything in my laptop so one click and I don't need any password or anything like that to get here.

Blogger has a new look and I'm kinda awkward posting this because I'm not used to the set up. But anyways I'm back again into blogging. I just had an invite from Nuffnang for AyosDito.ph Iball so I decided to power on my thinking caps again.

Wee I'm in Manila now so more happenings and things to blog. A lot of things happened already I hope I can write more here from now.  And I need to get my alexa ranking back I'm just in 27 million now so far from the previous 600 000... shame.

I still don't write for the sake of traffic but still it's not bad as a side dish hehe.

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