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Father's day is here. It is not only a day to honor our real fathers but also all those who have been a father figure to us and guide us through our way.

According to beliefs "father's day" was first realized in Spokane, Washington by Somora Louise Smart Dodd after hearing mass on Mother's Day she thought that fathers like her own dad, William Jackson Smart should also be honored. (see facts and brief history)

I just said happy father's day to my mum. I was only able to greet her Happy Mother's Day through a webcam because she was abroad that time. This time she's here and I cooked a healthy burger for both of us. She just look at me and thought I'm kidding again. My mother has been my father figure too after my father's death but enough of that I don't feel like expounding on that topic today. 

So as we were malling (not again, haha) I found this booth at the mall dedicated for celebrating Father's Day.

Wala Yan Sa Tatay Ko!
is a photo exhibit at SM Activity Center from June 17 to 19, 2011
by Oragon Photographers Association.
It features real fathers either of the photographer's or just real fathers on the streets of Bicol.

The pictures are pretty candid and truly this is another showcase of Bicolano creativity but there are only a few photos available for the exhibit. Here are those photos no captions and photographers' name were given so just enjoy the photos:

I don't know but the first photo looks like feminine to me. Is it or isn't it?

Here are some of the gals and guys of OPA and  according to Joie they're also conducting workshops
so if you're interested about learning some professional photography do contact them.
(see Pros Take Amateurs Through Basic Photography or you can contact them through Facebook)

Once again Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there to my late and living grandfathers, titos, cousins, neighbors, friends, and strangers. Everyone who's called daddy, papa, erpats, tatay, ama, and especially to my late father.

Papa wherever you are sorry I missed your death anniv this year but don't worry I still remember you and keep you dear as always within my heart and I believe you now, you're truly aren't just boasting when you said mama is head over heels with you! You're the man and will always be.

Love lots,
Tin - tin

7 Thoughts:

Hi Tin! heart warming message for a father like me. Sad to know that you also lost father physically. He must be very proud of you if he still lives I'm sure.

Yes kuya Tony happy father's day too. We lost him in 1999. Though I'm not sure if he'll be proud of me if ever he's still alive I think I'll be the worst brat he's such a spoiler.  

Thank you, Tin. How's your blog going on? You have nice blog than mine. I can't post regularly  because I only have 2 hours a day blogging and that includes writing. My recent blog is only an experiment. I'll be launching a new next month hopefully.

I'm regular visitors of the following sites: copyblogger, problogger, lateral action, daily blog post and quicksprout. There are a lot tips you can get from these sites, from designs, writing, marketing, etc, etc.

Syempre sa site mo.

by the way, napansin ko unique comment mo doon DF, kaya napunta ko sa site mo. 

Nabasa mo ba article ni Ms. Portes sa DF title, "minsan may isang puta"?

alin pong comment yung sa RH Bill ba? 

Opo naiinis nga ko nun una kung bakit binasa ko yun kala ko kasi talaga yung nagsulat nun talagang ganun, huli na narealize ko sinadya pala yun para sa bansa di ko kasi kinaya maxado yung lenguahe hehe

hindi ko rin binasa yon. you're right, too heavy and language na ginamit. kunti lang naka relate.

Pero award winning na daw po yun. kaso marami talagang nag disagree sa language used saka bakit daw ginawang puta yung bansa natin sa article nya

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