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We received this yesterday along with our water bill: A campaign for water conservation...

Well, googling it I've found out this isn't new it was launched April 9, 2008 (see Sagip Tubig Drive Launched) and was adapted locally after a year (see Downy partners with MNWD for Sagip Tubig) but I wanted to post it here to help in the awareness campaign since this was the first time I actually heard of this. Makes me wonder... where am I during the hype or was there ever a hype about this? Hmmm...

Even then this doesn't make this outdated for people need to do their part for saving water, this will hold true for the rest of the coming days and years. I'm doing my part by not taking a shower everyday... eww... haha

Seriously everyone should make even little adjustments to help conserve water, we need it as well as the next generation do so save water don't be too selfish and splurge a lot of it, there are other creature or people who live in this planet too not just YOU! Think about it.

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